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You don’t need the paid service (who needs to spend any more money to save money) but there are lots of public available articles that have great info. Like making your own laundry soap for 1/3 of the price of the cheapest 40lb bucket at Costco. With 4 kids I bet you do a lots of laundry!

Please don’t think it is bad for your girls to share a room. This was customary 30 years ago and kids grew up just fine (probably better). Bunk beds with a trundle underneath works fine even in the tiniest of rooms. Your house is too small is your perception. It’s your attitude that your kids will pick up. They are a mirror. If you have a positive attitude about your life and everything in it including the need to economize your kids will too. Kids who share a room are very much better prepared to deal with sharing in the future. It is actually good for them.

Think of how much easier it will be for them to share a closet with their husband when they get married if they have done it all their lives. My oldest was an only child for 15 years and now that she is an adult she has serious relationship issues because she does not handle compromise and is horrible at letting go a bit because she always had everything to herself. The media including TV pushes us to a standard of living that is well beyond what any child needs to grow up healthy and happy.

There are 20 years between my oldest and youngest. With the oldest Christmas was 4 presents 1) something you want, something to read, something your need and something to wear. She felt she got a lot for Christmas. These 4 presents came from me and her grandparents so that was pretty much all she got. Now my current batch of girls has entirely different expectations about Christmas and we don’t even have TV! With TV access I don’t see how parents today can even come close to meeting kids expectations. The amount of marketing done to kids over the last 20 years has exploded putting ridiculous amount of pressure on parents.

If you ignore these pressures and happily go on with your life your will find your kids are far better off then those Jones down the street in there 1500 square ft house with 3 kids, 3 TVs and 120 channels of 24 hour brain washing which they pay $60 for the privilege. BTW those Jones also pay $100 a month to store things they don’t need and will never use and they still can’t get more then 1 car in there 2 car garage.