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An apology to members

Cross posted to 2 blogs – please delete if you want!

I’ve joined this blog only to publicly apologize for what happened yesterday. I’ve already apologized to Mike and explained that my original message was NOT meant for the loop – when I was copying and pasting the OP’s email addy into the To: box, I goofed somehow and I hit Send not knowing my mistake. I then left the computer to pick up my dd from camp and came back to an email box with Deann’s “note.” My next mistake was responding, in kind, to her on-list. For all of this, I’m truly sorry. I also never said that the mods planned to “steal” ideas as Mike reported – I didn’t say that at all!! (she sent both her emails to me off-list b/c I’d already unsubbed.)

Anyway, I’m not staying on these loops. I don’t feel I could voice my opinions on things and I feel my presence would probably make others uncomfortable, so as soon as I hit the Send button on this email, I’m unsubscribing from the loops. I wish you all the best in your frugal endeavors and hope you will accept my apology – it is truly a sincere one – I’m nothing like what’s being portrayed in the media (LOL! just a little humor there!). If anything, I’m glad my error got everyone an answer to their questions about why the CB loop was closing and why the archives were shut down. I guess that was my purpose in this online fiasco. I apologize to the mods for posting my apology publicly – it was the only way I knew to reach as many people as possible. Now, back to the challenge of frugal living …..

Also, I have some suggestions. Some of these have already been mentioned on the blog, but here are a lot of newbies and all of us would benefit from a refresher course:

1. Strategies for saving on food.
2. Cutting the cost of high electric bills.
3. Decluttering.
4. Saving on school supplies and school clothes.
5. Applying for loans online from WeGot1000 and paying it back on time.
6. Homeschooling on a shoestring.
7. Saving on car expenses.
8. Gardening tips.
9. Saving on clothes.
10. Yard Sale tips.
11. Credit Card free Christmas.
12. Frugal Decorating.

Do you have anything to add?