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I got myself into a financial mess

So glad I found this group. I live in Maine. I got myself into a financial mess. My husband got sick and we were not prepared for it.

I maxed out one of my credit cards just to get by for food and bills and pay his medical and prescriptions. One thing led to another and I stopped paying on the card. Months have gone by without realizing so much time had elapsed. Now the credit card put it with a collection agency, $5000. and I was going threw InCharge debt solutions, but the lady at the collection agency says they will not deal with credit counseling services. I have already sent my $290 to In Charge, but have not heard from them regarding the $5000.

This lady was telling me she wanted a hardship settlement of $2500 now and another $2500 in a couple of weeks, or she will start litigations. I only bring home $260 a week. At the time my husband got sick we were both working tons of overtime and money was not as tight. Now after he was sick and missed so much work, our work has stopped all overtime(ouch) What can I now expect? I am so stressed over this I could cry all the time. Another group I wrote to told me my first mistake was to use the card for food and gas when I couldn’t afford to pay for them (no kidding) and to get a second job. I wish it was that easy. I was also going to get a home equity loan to pay off the debt, but my husband said no because the interest was 16.95% and he said he did not want to risk losing the house for a credit card. Our mortgage now is 5.50%

can anyone tell me what to expect now? Will she garnish my wages and will the court cost be outrageous? This is why I wanted to get the home equity loan, but my husband refuses to get it. The credit card is in my name only.

sorry so long