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Best deals for shopping

y cousin gave me this link when I visited her back in Feburary. It is a site set up by a mom with many children and wanted to figure out how to save the most at the grocery and Drug stores. It cost $10 for the first store you sign up for and $5 each additional store.

My cus has three year old twins and let me tell you, it has saved her tons of money. I have saved alot and get alot of FREE, yes I said free stuff. You must be good at cutting coupons to get the best deals. Two papers is even better. Plus there are all kinds of websites that you can print out coupons from.

I live in Florida and print out New York Times coupons as well as Florida Times Union and Smartpages and many more. If you have a little extra money to put towards this and you have a family that goes through alot of food and needed items like shampoo, soap, or what ever, this is for you. Check out the webpage and enjoy saving. I sure have.

Thanks for letting me post this. I think alot of people will really benefit from it.

I also believe the walgrens ads are free thru this program. so if you dont want to pay for it, walgreens is free last i knew 🙂