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Credit Repair Books

What I would do it start at you public Library. Most have many and you can look at several and find one that fits you.

The Nolo press books are technical but very readable and easy to understand. They come to this from a legal standpoint so they do include the laws but then explain each one in easy to understand ways. They walk you through each step but also give you the detail laws the pertain to each step. The main problem is since laws change these books get out dated fast.

I suggest you go to their web site and thoroughly read the parts on credit repair and if your following that then the books are a good fit for you. I can’t put working links in messages for this group but just snoop around bankruptcy and look for alternatives to bankruptcy there is a nice article and many others.

But again Use your library first. Most public library’s have online catalogs where you can order books from any branch and have them waiting for you at your local branch. You just walk in present you card they check out the books to you and your out in less then 5 minutes.