Monthly Archives: May 2016

We are staying until the oldest would start middle school

Our kids are 10,9,6 and 4. So we are staying until the oldest would start middle school. We are looking to buy out of the city so the $ would be less for a bigger house, We live in less than 1200 sq ft now. The girls room is about 10×12. I made their beds to fit in the angled celing…no bunk bed unless it would be in the middle of the room(the room is on the upper level no dormer).

Our basment has low celings so no doing anything with that but storage, and laundry. We are making do with the house and I have added my “home made” charm to it! It is mainly for the kids to go to a better school and for us to get out of the city. We shop at aldi and I make menues(from flylady and saving dinner) We do not go crazy with “things” for the kids….

We don’t have room for all that stuff!! I will say their grandparents spoil them more then I’d like, but they know when they get somthing they need to give up somthing. We are trying to show the kids that spending time together is better then owning tons of stuff and not having anyone to play with.